Legacy Team

Chip Alsobrooks, Jeremy Griffin, Todd McSwain, Michael Madaris, Josh Morton, Darrell Nance, Sam Turner, Hal Bilbo

Vision:  The vision of the Stanly Baptist Association’s Legacy Ministry Team is seeing members of the churches in the association committed to a life of stewardship that concludes in establishment of estate plans that honor God and bless those who remain behind.

Mission:  The mission of the Stanly Baptist Association is to establish legacy ministries in member churches which teach church members to honor God through the appropriate distribution of the assets which they leave behind to family, friends, and ministries, as well as receiving of planned gifts and gifts other than cash.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Stanly Baptist Association (SBA) Legacy Ministry Team is two-fold: First, it is to provide assistance to member churches in the establishment of legacy ministries based on biblical stewardship principles; Second, it is to serve as the leadership team to assist anyone interested in directing planned gifts to support the ministries of the Stanly Baptist Association.

Priority #1

Church Planting Foundation: provide advance funds to help new SBA churches be established soundly during its initial 6 months. These funds may be distributed as a gift or on a goodwill covenant that would be repaid to fund future church plants.  These funds are for strategic new work recommended by a sponsoring church.

Priority #2

Church Revitalization/Transition Foundation: providing assistance to churches that no longer effectively function or relate to their community to enable them to transition, restart, or merge with another congregation.

Your Next Steps

  1. If you have done a will and living will, review it.
  2. If you have not prepared a will, request a will preparation guide from the Stanly Baptist Association, your attorney or a financial planner.
  3. Review options that can maximize your gifts to the people and causes you value.


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International Mission Board, SBC


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