Remember this: The person who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the person who sows generously will also reap generously. 2 Corinthians 9:6

Successful farmers and gardeners know the basic four phases of agriculture: preparing the soil, sowing, feeding/weeding and (finally) reaping. These phases are sequential and dependent upon the previous phase(s). One cannot skip or neglect any phase and expect a harvest. All are important.
Preparing churches for the harvest requires the right work, in the right place, in the right season.

PRAYER Prepares the Soil – Prayer connects with God and people. Prayer creates a spiritual burden for your community and conditions it to receive the Gospel. Your association has people and resources ready to assist your church in earnest, active prayer.

SHARING the Gospel Is sowing – Sowing happens as believers live and share what God has done for them. We are offering pastor equipping October 24 as Dennis Nunn comes to equip pastors in Every Believer a Witness. Register online at HERE or call the office. For each pastor/staff that registers and takes the training, the association will reimburse $40 of the $49 registration fee. It is that important for our churches to take witness to their family, friends and neighbors.

DISCIPLESHIP feeds and weeds – As the seed germinates and the plant grows toward maturity, care must be taken to feed and weed. This is what a disciple experiences through being a part of a church’s life. If your church has no plan and process for making disciples, your plan is to ignore the Great Commission. Let us help you with that.

EVANGELISM harvests the fruit – Harvest is the time of celebrating and giving thanks to God for the abundant increase. Different fruits and vegetables mature at different times of the year. The church that reaches out to all kinds of people will bear fruit in different seasons, so it is always time for harvest.

Today is the day of salvation! In partnership together, we can help each other to serve our Lord to multiply the harvest!

Thank you for being a partner in the Gospel to impact lostness, strengthen churches and equip leaders for the harvest.