Hope everyone, relatives and friends have remained safe during the recent hurricanes. We continue to pray for all the people in Texas and Florida that have suffered so much loss. Just last year; Oct. 16, 2016, hurricane Matthew flooded the Kinston Baptist Children’s Home, so we have learned first hand the devastation that a hurricane can bring.

This leads me into the next subject; the Baptist Children’sHome Offering coming up in November. I hope each and every church will participate in this offering. There seems to be no better way to serve our Lord than to provide a home, shelter, food, clothing and most of all showing the love of God to these little children. Without you, and N.C. Baptists, it would be impossible to provide safe, caring homes and ministries to boys and girls in N.C. and in Guatemala. Most of all, you make it possible for the Gospel to be shared with children and families who don’t know Christ.

80% of our residents come to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) unchurched and unreached for Jesus. We celebrate the thousands of children who have not only been saved from lives filled with heartache and pain, but now know Jesus as their Savior! Your offering changes lives today and for all eternity! Recently, our church visited a Baptist Childrens Home nearby.

There was a little boy there that really touched my heart. I asked him what grade he would be in; as school was starting in the next few weeks. He told me kindergarten. My heart was touched to think that for this little boy and other children that their first day at kindergarten/school is a major milestone and I was so grateful that the Baptist Children’s Homes are able to support them during their first day of school. To see this little one off to school with food in his stomach, clothes and school supplies, but most of all, for him to know that he had house parents that loved him, eagerly awaiting for his return from school.

PLEASE GIVE! 1-336-474-1209

Please continue to pray for the children at BCH and their workers. If you have questions, please give me a call. Thank you!
Judy – 704-982-4891